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  • May 15 / 2015
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A Different Kind of “Classics”: Role Reversal in Shakespeare

A book by William Shakespeare


by Rebecca Gove, M.A.T.

Shakespeare places a special emphasis on women in his plays, bringing the notion of the unusual, intriguing woman into the very heart of his corpus by employing strong, independent women as some of the most intriguing of all his characters. In particular, the tragedy Macbeth and the comedy Much Ado About Nothing allow his audience to explore a type of woman whom they would have never before envisioned; that is, the sharp, clever woman who desires the traits, feelings, and characteristics of men. This type of metaphorical role-reversal demonstrates a powerful reaction to male-dominated society and allows these two women, Lady Macbeth and Beatrice, to reject the passivity that is expected of them in order to take back some semblance of control over their own destinies. By examining how and why these women want to be men, it is possible to gain important insight into the roles of women in Shakespeare as well how Shakespeare uses women as instigators to further the action of his dramas. Continue Reading

  • May 12 / 2015
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Ancient Greek

ALIEN or A Divine Sense of Anxiety



by Susi Ferrarello, Ph.D.

Can you imagine my surprise?

I received a letter some months ago. It says you are now a legal alien. Then a numeric code followed.

The American grumpy, but affectionate, way to say: “Welcome!”

Was my alien new life any different from the former terrestrial one? Did that letter turn me into a wandering E.T. soul just landed on the American ground or was I feeling more like the Englishman in New York walking with a cane at his side?

Who was this Alien me? Continue Reading

  • May 08 / 2015
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25 maps That Explain the English Language

English Language


Posted by Magister Andrew

The English language is spoken in dozens of countries around the world. Check out this great article (with interesting accompanying maps and charts) by Libby Nelson and find out how English got started and then evolved into all its variations spoken today! Continue Reading

  • May 01 / 2015
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The Pantheon, Rome

Pantheon, Rome


Posted by Magister Andrew

Check out Khan Academy’s awesome new video, a detailed tour of the Pantheon in Rome. Learn all about this jewel of ancient architecture! Continue Reading