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  • Oct 25 / 2016
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Latin: A Dead Language or Very Much Alive?

Fragmentary military diploma from Carnuntum


By André Bastos Gurgel, OAB

Latin, the language of the Romans and their literature, is extremely important in an historical context, but is it only a language of the past, a dead language? Or in fact, is Latin still very much alive? To the average man on the street (assuming he’d even heard of Latin) the answer would probably be clear. “Latin? Isn’t that the language of a long-passed empire and babbling old priests? What use could Latin ever have today? I can’t imagine anyone has spoken it for centuries.” In his mind the Latin language died long long ago. Continue Reading

  • Oct 20 / 2016
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Being an Actor in Ancient Rome

Roman mosaic depicting actors and an aulos player (House of the Tragic Poet, Pompeii)


Posted by Magister Andrew

Nowadays famous actors and actresses are honored and pampered with money and awards. Check out this article on the life of actors in Ancient Rome and just how different it was for them. Continue Reading